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NRJO looking at waste micro industries for the Northern Rivers

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

The Northern Rivers Joint Organisation is using the Capacity Building funding to develop a business case to establish a ‘Centre of Excellence’ for waste micro industries in the Northern Rivers.

The business case will have the SMaRT (Sustainable Materials Research and Technology) vision developed by UNSW Centre for SMaRT as its foundation. The focus will be converting waste materials into value-added recycling and upcycling materials; minimising the energy-intensive transportation of waste; promoting and supporting viable local economies and jobs; and developing a facility that embodies distributed manufacturing.

An appropriate site for a microfactory facility will be identified to process materials using waste materials as a resource, through innovative thinking and practices, which will enhance sustainability and produce value-added green and market-competitive materials and products. Consultants have been appointed and the final project report is planned for February 2021.

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