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A physically and digitally connected region

Road with bus sign

Photo credit: Taro Taylor

For our communities, businesses and visitors to be connected through a diverse range of safe, inclusive, low impact private and public transport options and high quality, reliable internet and mobile telecommunications services.


As an advocate for the region NRJO is committed to working with the Commonwealth and NSW State Government to connect our region through safe and effective roads and transport and reliable internet and telecommunications.

Road funding

Accelerated road repair program through doubling the funding of the Commonwealth Government’s Roads to Recovery Program and the NSW Government’s Regional Roads Repair Program over the next four years.

Advocacy brief (288kB PDF)

Rail corridor

Re-instatement of rail corridor for transport purposes.


From Roots to Routes: An innovative vision of freight for the Northern Rivers NSW

NRJO co-sponsored the development of a strategy, undertaken through Southern Cross University, to set out the appropriate regional development for better access to Brisbane, southern Queensland and northern NSW.

The Strategy has identified 20 initiatives that together realise the vision for the freight and supply chain network and needs of the Northern Rivers Region.

Executive summary (2.06mB PDF)

Freight and supply chain study (887kB PDF)

A ground up approach to freight and supply chain planning for the Northern Rivers NSW (1.68mB PDF)

  • Appendices A-B (5.73mB PDF)
    1. Research report.
    2. Modelling summary.
  • Appendices C-F (5.49mB PDF)
    1. Freight and supply chain scoping study.
    2. Workshop report.
    3. Specific first mile last mile needs identified by stakeholders.
    4. Initiatives identified in agengy plans and by Local Government.

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